Housing Counseling Fee Schedule

White Oak Foundation, Inc. (WOF) provides housing counseling services to all clients. Services are provided free of charge to those who cannot afford to pay.  Services for homeless, loss mitigation (foreclosure) or default counseling are free.

Fees are charged for all other counseling as detailed below.

A fee for pulling credit reports will be charged where it is necessary to provide the information to further the counseling process.  The cost is the basic cost charged to WOF, Inc. by the credit report provider. The fee can be waived at the discretion of the counselor based on the ability of the client to pay.

  • The fee for a credit report will be no more than $15.
  • First time Homebuyer Certification – $25 (online -$100 coming soon)
  • FHA Back to Work Counseling – $75 + cost of Credit Report
  • Housing Counseling services are $25 per hour.
  • Types of counseling include:
    1. Pre & Post-Purchase Counseling,
    2. Post-Purchase Counseling,
    3. Credit & Budget Counseling
    4. Educational Services & Workshops